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We’re publishers of modern and highly engaging lifestyle content spanning various verticals, including vegetarian cooking, vegan living, beauty tips, and more.

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We work with other publishers and consumer-facing brands to raise awareness about who they are, what they do and what they offer, in a natural and approachable way for our audiences (Seriously, we’re really good at this).

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If you'd like to work with us in any fashion, please reach out — we love making new friends. We're down for content swaps, social media partnerships and collaboration.

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Everything that makes us happy

Oh My Veggies

Meatless made easy (and delicious)

Veg Kitchen

Making vegan more than a diet

Beauty Hacked

We make being beautiful simple and easy

Outward On

It’s a big world so join us as we explore it

Fibromyalgia Treating

Everything to know about Fibromyalgia


301brands is a digital media company doing things the right way

  • In the beginning

    We said "let there be sites"

    On the first day, our team created Wably.com, signaling the birth of a new digital media company.

  • Then things got crazy

    And we grew and grew

    Almost overnight it seemed like we went from one website to becoming a sprawling media company, as we expanded rapidly into several different verticals.

  • In 2015 we evolved

    Going vegetarian and vegan

    In 2015, we fell in love with Oh My Veggies and VegKitchen, adding them to our family of sites.

  • And we never rested

    We didn't rest, bringing to life Beauty Hacked, and Outward On later in 2015, allowing us to reach all groups of people across many shared interests.

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Our Incredible Team

Preston Hemmerich

Preston is the Director of 301brands and takes his job moderately seriously. He likes animals, gardening and playing the devil's advocate. In college, Preston studied history and naturally doesn't use his degree.

Kate Wilke

Kate prefers writing with her cat on her lap while sipping a funky craft beer and listening to old records. You're most likely to find her relaxing on the lake.

John P Sousa

John P Sousa produces hella tight content for 301brands. He was named after a famous composer, likes being a dad, and enjoys arguing about sports.

Ellen Williams

Ellen is a digital content producer at 301 Digital Media, as well as the current editor of Wably.com. Ellen enjoys all things coffee related, exploring new cities and memorizing Shakespearean sonnets to confuse people.

Nava Atlas

Nava Atlas is the author of numerous vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, as well as a visual artist, book nerd, and animal advocate. She’s pleased to be continuing to grow VegKitchen — the site she created in 1996 — with 301 Digital Media.

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This could be you! We love talented people, so if you've got talent and you want to be one of the cool kids, reach out to us below.

Meet the faces behind the brands. We're the ones breathing life into each and every site. If you'd like to work with us, reach out to our team at [email protected]

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